Heavy duty net for preventing evaportaion,
Green House,
Agro Shade,
Mosquito Nets

The Nets for natural sunlight & fresh air, construction sites, sports and heavy duty net for preventing water evaporation.

Our team provide man safe nets for all industrial construction purpose.

All our safety nets, scaffolding, edge protection conform with HSE (Health, safety, environment)regulations.

Utilizing over 25 years of experience we use high quality ,tested materials from safety net to heavy duty netting for keeping you away from dry zone.

Netting for sports fields can be customized.

Special project for:
  • Australia
  • Prevent dams from evaporation
    Provides shade in the garden and privacy from neighbors
This unique product is designed specifically for covering dams to prevent the rate of evaporation and preventing the area from getting dry.
The flexanet can be used in gardens and backyards to cover the small pools and help save water.
The product is designed for Australian government for covering various dams.
The heavy duty flexanet is made of :
Monofilament strands
5% UV Treated .Net Products
  • Heavy duty net
  • Outdoor Shade Net
  • Agro Shade Net
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Greenhouse Net

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