Camouflage Canvas Tarp


This Camo Tarp is designed to keep your trailers, machinery, ATV, firewood, and other items protected from the elements.

  • HEAVY-DUTY COTTON CANVAS – Heavy-duty canvas tarp with grommets that are located in every corner and approximately 2′ apart.
  • WATER-RESISTANT – The heavy-duty canvas is treated for water resistance. It will protect your items and is the perfect tarp for camping, hunting, fishing or just around the yard.
  • BREATHABLE DESIGN – Breathable tarp that allows moisture to escape. The seams and corners are double stitched and reinforced for durability and added strength
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – Use this multipurpose canvas tarp for cars, outside furniture, floor while painting, it has a variety of uses. Not recommended for highway use


It’s a breathable tarp that allows moisture to escape. The stitching that is tailored into the tarp material, as well as the thickness of the canvas, makes this canvas tarp resistant to abrasions and harsh weather. Use this multipurpose canvas tarp for cars, outside furniture, floor while painting, it has a variety of uses. It’s the perfect nature-friendly cover for any item outdoors that needs a cover.

  • Heavy-duty cotton canvas, water-resistant
  • Breathable design allows moisture to escape
  • Grommets approximately every 2 feet
  • Double-stitched seams and reinforced corners
  • Not recommended for highway use

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